We’re setting out to simplify working from home.

And we think a Propr Office is exactly what you need.

Propr Office helps de-stress the process of designing your space.

So you can work from home more productively. And start using your kitchen table as just a kitchen table again.

Made for the new normal

We know the challenges of working from home—and creating a space to work there—and so Propr is all about simplicity and focus. We’ve curated only the pieces you’ll need. And we designed them to work almost anywhere in your home.

Get it and keep going

We know you’ve got things to do. So we make it easy to get your new office furniture right away. That means fast shipping and direct ordering, with no dealers or middlemen involved.

Astonishingly high quality.

You know that feeling when you can just tell something is expertly made? That’s how Propr Office feels. Each product has a level of quality you wouldn’t expect at this price. You’re welcoming us into your home, so it’s the least we could do.

Making furniture more you-focused.

The office furniture business was getting a little tired. So we reinvented it. Propr Office is the first home office brand to make high design accessible, and to create modern furniture that pairs well with anything in your space.

Powered by Uhuru Design

We all need someone who has our back. At Propr Office, we have Uhuru Design. Since 2004, Uhuru has reimagined residential and office furniture, bringing modern style into workplaces around the world.

Powered by Uhuru

Uhuru has been servicing the residential & contract furniture industry for over fifteen years. Propr is backed by the talented team and investors behind Uhuru Design, and shaping a new way forward.

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Vertically integrated manufacturing allows us to take the traditionally difficult process of purchasing & installing office furniture, and turn it into a scalable solution.

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Check out our Spotify playlist designed for productivity at home. Turn it up if you want—you won’t bother anyone.